Laurel & Hardy On The Radio & On The Phone!

About The Book

Laurel & Hardy On The Radio & On The Phone! Rare and previously unreleased audio 1944-1964 is a HARDCOVER 9 1/2" x 12 1/2" 85 page book. The book contains essays by Leonard Maltin, Michael Feinstein, Randy Skretvedt, Richard W. Bann, and others, with dozens and dozens of never-before-seen photographs.

There are two audio CD's containing over 95 minutes of super rare audio, including, for the very first time, a brand-new, never before heard or known of 2nd 1944 NBC Radio audition, "No Dumber Plumbers." Also included is a long-thought lost hour-long interview with Stan Laurel in a private, candid conversation that he had no idea was being recorded.

Great care has been taken to use the finest, first generation photographs and the audio has been meticulously restored to perfection! It sounds like it was recorded yesterday!

It is a super high quality product through and through and should be in the collection of anyone who loves Laurel & Hardy, vintage comedy or collecting entertainment history.

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